Get user ID and email from Facebook with JavaScript SDK

If you authenticated a user with the Facebook JavaScript SDK, then you can do the following to get the ID, name and email address of a user:


Custom website image and description for Facebook Share

If you share a link of a website on Facebook, then Facebook will display the title, description and an image of that website. If you are a webmaster, then you can define what will be shown on Facebook. Let’s have a look at my example:

<title>Der Blog von Benny Neugebauer</title>
<meta name="description" content="Benny Neugebauer schreibt in seinem Blog über Tipps und Tricks in der Webentwicklung. Zu den Themen zählen JavaScript, Java, PHP, HTML5, SEO und Photoshop." />
<meta name="medium" content="blog" />
<link rel="image_src" href="" / >


  1. Facebook will show the standard HTML title of your webpage.
  2. You can set description, which will be shown. It can be 160 characters long but to be compatible with the Google search, it should not be longer than 130 characters.
  3. It is recommended to determine the type of your website. Possible values are: audio, image, video, blog, news and mult (multiple).
  4. Finally you can set a thumbnail picture for your website. The size should be 100×100 pixels.

Here is the final result of my customization:

More information can be found in the Facebook Share documentation.

Mit Google+ Status Updates auf Facebook veröffentlichen

Wer in mehreren sozialen Netzwerken (z.B. Google+ und Facebook) angemeldet ist, möchte bestimmt ab und zu mal dasselbe Status-Update auf beiden Netzwerken veröffentlichen. Das ist mit Facebook und Google+ ganz einfach möglich, und zwar wie folgt:

Zuerst braucht man eine personalisierte Hochlade-E-Mail-Adresse für Facebook. Diese bekommt man unter dem Link: (Screenshot). Danach muss man bei der Veröffentlichung im Google+ Stream die Facebook Hochlade-E-Mail-Adresse mit zu den Kreisen hinzufügen (Screenshot) und schon wird der Post auch bei Facebook veröffentlicht (Screenshot).

Facebook Authentication with JavaScript SDK

Over the years many ways have been created in order to authenticate through Facebook. One of the easiest ways is to use the Facebook Markup Language (FBML). However, from January 2012 is FBML is no longer supported. Who wants to use Facebook Connect to login and logout then, should use the JavaScript SDK provided by Facebook. This supports authentication via OAuth 2.0, which is the recommended way to handle authentication. I programmed an example, that shows how to login and logout with the JavaScript SDK. This example is based on the current JavaScript SDK methods and does not use deprecated methods (because in July 2011 there were some changes).
Facebook Authentication with JavaScript SDK weiterlesen

Tetris Battle – We are having difficulties logging into Facebook. Please try again later.

If you have any problems with the Facebook game Tetris Battle, then you should see if third-party cookies are enabled in your browser. Often they are not. Therefore, the error message „We are having difficulties logging into Facebook. Please try again later.“ appears in many browsers.

To fix this problem, you can do the following:

Thanks to the Tetris Battle Online Customer Support for this information!