How to parse GraphML files with a cool Java library

I’ve found this great GraphML reader and writer library: Blueprints. There is also a good documentation on how to use the GraphML library for reading XML-encoded graphs. Anyway, I think my example is better. 🙂

I will show you how to access the data of this XML file using the Graph Markup Language:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<graphml xmlns="">
  <!-- Properties -->
  <key id="name" for="node""name" attr.type="string"/>
  <key id="since" for="edge""since" attr.type="int"/>
  <!-- Graph -->
  <graph id="G" edgedefault="directed">
    <!-- Vertices -->
    <node id="1">
      <data key="name">Benny</data>
    <node id="2">
      <data key="name">Daniel</data>
    <node id="3">
      <data key="name">Robert</data>
    <node id="4">
      <data key="name">Jan</data>
    <node id="5">
      <data key="name">Melanie</data>
    <node id="6">
      <data key="name">Julia</data>
    <node id="7">
      <data key="name">Josefine</data>
    <node id="8">
      <data key="name">Kristin</data>
    <!-- Edges -->
    <edge id="9" source="1" target="5" label="knows">
      <data key="since">2008</data>
    <edge id="10" source="2" target="6" label="knows" >
      <data key="since">2011</data>
    <edge id="11" source="3" target="7" label="knows">
      <data key="since">2010</data>
    <edge id="12" source="4" target="8" label="knows">
      <data key="since">2009</data>
    <edge id="13" source="2" target="5" label="knows">
      <data key="since">2011</data>
    <edge id="14" source="8" target="1" label="knows">
      <data key="since">2010</data>

Java code:

import com.tinkerpop.blueprints.pgm.Edge;
import com.tinkerpop.blueprints.pgm.Graph;
import com.tinkerpop.blueprints.pgm.Vertex;
import java.util.Iterator;
public class App {
  private static final String XML_FILE = "./res/graph.xml";
  public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {
    Graph graph = new TinkerGraph();
    GraphMLReader reader = new GraphMLReader(graph);
    InputStream is = new BufferedInputStream(new FileInputStream(XML_FILE));
    Iterable<Vertex> vertices = graph.getVertices();
    Iterator<Vertex> verticesIterator = vertices.iterator();
    while (verticesIterator.hasNext()) {
      Vertex vertex =;
      Iterable<Edge> edges = vertex.getInEdges();
      Iterator<Edge> edgesIterator = edges.iterator();
      while (edgesIterator.hasNext()) {
        Edge edge =;
        Vertex outVertex = edge.getOutVertex();
        Vertex inVertex = edge.getInVertex();
        String person = (String) outVertex.getProperty("name");
        String knownPerson = (String) inVertex.getProperty("name");
        int since = (Integer) edge.getProperty("since");
        String sentence = person + " " + edge.getLabel() + " " + knownPerson
                + " since " + since + ".";


Kristin knows Benny since 2010.
Robert knows Josefine since 2010.
Daniel knows Julia since 2011.
Benny knows Melanie since 2008.
Daniel knows Melanie since 2011.
Jan knows Kristin since 2009.

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