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  1. […] With the new objective set, all that was left to do was to find an appropriate form to build our data so it can later be processed by some automatic tool for constructing the visualization of the graph based on our database. That being said, we have decided to build our database in GraphML as it is a widely used standard format especially for graphs (in contrast with XML and RDF) and there are many ready-to-use tools for processing data in this format. Another benefit of creating a database in a standard format is that it will enable future development and possible integration with other similar projects. GraphML format allows us to create the basic structure of a graph (vertices and edges) and to add attributes associated with vertices and edges. Furthermore, by using tools like Gephi we can find useful information based on the structure  of our graph. We can also put more data associated with each Vertex (Person) like family name, if he is a dodge or king and each edge like ally or an enemy, blood relations. Consequently, for the rest of our project we will continue to grow our database in GraphML format. We will use Gephi to provide us with as much information as possible for our Graph and help us with the visualization process. Furthermore, we will use java to parse the file and find all the other information that we may need. Here is a simple example of parsing GraphML data with java and finding very useful information about a graph data structure ( […]

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