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  1. Hi,
    If you’re interested to localize web software, PC software, mobile software or any other type of software, I warmly recommend a new l10n tool that my team recently developed and will probably make your work a lot faster and easier:
    POEditor is intuitive and collaborative and has a lot of useful features to help your translations management process, which you can find enlisted on our website.
    You can import from multiple localization file formats (like pot, po, xls, xlsx, strings, xml, resx, properties) or just use our REST API.
    Feel free to try it out and recommend it to developers and everyone who might find it useful.

  2. Danke für den Code.
    Ich möchte noch eine Kleinigkeit ergänzen. Das .Text gilt nur für TextBlöcke. Für Buttons muss bspws. Content benutzt werden.

  3. Empfehlenswert:

    Generierung der statischen Resource-Klasse in WinRT…

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